Our Services

Hair Bonding

Our hair bonding technique is a painless and non-surgical procedure providing a quick remedy with no side.

Hair Patches

We are leading manufacturer,exporter & whole seller for best quality hair patches.

Hair Wigs & Pieces

we are top supplier,manufacturer of all kinds of hair wigs and hair pieces the quality and best price is guaranteed.

Eyelash & Hair Extensions

Nothing can grant a woman such charm and gorgeousness as long hairs and curved eyelashes

Surgical Hair Replacement

It is surgery that is performed to restore hair to areas of the scalp that are bald or that have thinning hair

Alopecia Hair Wigs

we provide custom Allopecia hair wigs, hair toupee,hair pieces  to the customers who are suffering from Allopecia.

Hair Accessories

We provide top notch hair accessories for hairs ranging from shampoos to combs.

Hair fall Treatment

Lucknow hair wigs provides hair fall treatment with nutritions and herb to cure baldness.