Hair fall Treatment

Hair fall Treatment

Lucknow Hair Wigs provide hair fall treatment with our special medicinal package

Nutritional Therapy 

Lucknow Hair Wigs provides rare extract and nutritional therapy for hair regrowth, hair baldness, Alopecia Areata nutritious are highly effective in hair fall.

ozone therapy

Lucknow hair wigs provides ozone therapy for hair regrowth and to increase the density of hair and to cure hair baldness.

special oil massage therapy

Lucknow hair wigs provide special oil massage therapy for hair regrowth, hair baldness this therapy is highly effective in hair fall.

Imported herb therapy 

we provide treatment with specially imported herbs to cure hair baldness or patients affected by alopecia this therapy is effective in hair fall.

Gussa therapy by scrapper

Gussa therapy is one of the hair fall treatment in which the hair regrowth is made possible by use of special oils and herbs.

Laser treatment 

Laser treatment is one of the hair fall treatment, In laser treatment, a laser is applied for ensuring hair regrowth and to cure hair baldness or patient affected by Alopecia Areata.

Why Us  –

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  • customer’s satisfaction iIn a nutshell, in hair bonding, we normally use a specially crafted hair patch which of same hair color tone of a person and bound that patch to your head by using skin friendly adhesives the whole process hardly takes two hours and you do not have to do through the pain of surgical treatment and in just less than two hours you will regain your confidence.s a top priority


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