Hair Patches

Hair Patches

If you have lost only a certain portion of hairs you do not need to wear a full-fledged hair wig or hair toupee we have a vast collection of hair patches so that only the area which is affected by hair loss, hair fall, alopecia areata, baldness etc can only be covered the hair patch which is made of natural human hairs is bonded or clipped so nicely that it gives natural look here at Lucknow hair wigs/pieces we always try to give our customer as natural look as possible.   

In the picture, you can see different patterns of baldness possible in men 

Advantages of hair patches –

  • You don’t have to get through painful surgical treatments. 
  • you can see instant results as the whole process takes less than 2 hours. 
  • you don’t have to bare the full hair wig or hair toupee.
  • The maintenance is easy in case of hair patches.

Why Lucknow Hair Wigs?  –

  • Best quality hair systems for bonding, hair weaving, and hair fixing
  • No. 1 nonsurgical hair replacement center in Lucknow
  • 1000s of satisfied customers
  • customer’s satisfaction is a top priority


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